Listening to Clint Mansell’s Xibalba

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on and on 

it never stops

I have found peace in everything 

oh love

oh life

oh beings

oh seas

oh trees 

I am found

may I be saved

in side love grows

outside it flows

and all the things we lost can be found 




Listening to Clint Mansell’s, “Stay With Me

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stay with me

don’t let go

I am lost

reaching out

for the branch

knowing that peace is in the moment 

all things let go

I wish to live

not just be

you left me 

I am alone

come back please 

I don’t know how to go

wishing to never be gone

be with me

hold my hand

the reverse is hard to understand

all alone we wait for those that know

nothing will ever pass through this land

I fear you never even knew

there is some key I am missing

found with in me

I must speak




While listening to Clint Mansell’s Together We Live Forever and Wrote this!

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All things are dying dying…..all things are lost in the depth of hell. But we go on. we go on…..

gone gone gone no where. living through this life of hardships

all around us….no no no nothing lives on without you

separating us from love….keeping……me…..

I I I am lost 

someone understand but not one ever speaks up

and I am lifted from this place and taken to a world where there is only music. 

there is no


I will not….survive this place unworthy searching calling out for something unknown.

I am amunst friends and family lost more than ever.

please don’t let go.

my heart is jaded.

I am so alone and I am moved by the way that life will go on whether I am in it or not.

it doesn’t slow down for anyone and one moment continued by someone is an others lost.

gone gone gone gone gone.

all is missing its lust.

no no no no I will not let go of you.

all things depend on this right now….

giving my life to the cause of love and peace. 

and you touch me and I am found

I am done but I am not around

Its True

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I want to be supportive.

What are you feeling?
Where are your thoughts at?
Are you prepared?

I want to make you feel like I care…

How is work?
What’s new in your social life?

Is your mom doing okay?

How was the lecture?


but life gets in the way.


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You were the man that taught me how to fish, farm, pick a walking stick, feed peacocks and goats, paddle a boat, respect, how far away from a goose you had to be to make it feel non-threatened, how to set up the traps to catch rabbits, and how to gut a catfish. Showed me and let me hold a baby chicken being born. My love for meatlovers cheesy crust pizza, and pancakes, base ball, nature, tractor rides, the piano, and Elvis.  Ice cream sandwiches always in the freezer. Your smile…I loved it because it made your eyes twinkle and you could see the youth inside of your heart and mind despite your body getting old. Thank you for taking to drama class, and my braces. Thank you for always trying to tell me what you thought was right and teaching me right from wrong. Thank you for never hiding you were from me. If all the other things were gone you were always honest and true around me. Thank you for telling me about our family and always wanting to look at old pictures with me. For giving me two dollars every sunday at church. For telling me stories about what it was like to live when you were a child. For watching baseball games with me and talking about the news with me to try and get me to understand politics. Thanks for my first mountain bike and the kit you got me one christmas that I could use to make gem stones. I still remember the joke you made about taking it back because it said 13 and up and I didn’t turn 13 for five more days. You were always there for everything important to me in my childhood. I will never forget your voice right next to me singing gospel songs or praying in church. The way your hand felt holding mine as we crossed a street or you helped me up onto something. The day you got on the tractor and hooked up the plow and pulled up so much dirt just so daddy and i didn’t have to waste what little of the day we had left digging for worms so we could fish.  When you saved up coke cans so we could all go to carowinds. Or driving down the shoulder of the road of the interstate so we could catch up to mom and dad and then pass them on the way to Columbia Zoo us laughing and saying faster DanDan faster, and you just laughing. Your little jokes and the way you were always trying to get a rise out of us. Watching us for Daddy so that after the divorce he could still travel for his job. Planting pecan trees as a family and picking out what veggies we were going to planet the up coming season. Blueberry picking till our bellies and buckets were full. You letting me drive the riding lawn mower. You always had a sense of adventure and wonder.
I will always love you. Go home Joseph D. Zeigler and be happy once again.

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The intolerance of humans is literal unfathomable. Perhaps it was the way I was raised..or the way I have grown and lived to form my own conclusions. But why can’t we just say that something isn’t for us and move on? Why do we have to label it and judge it? To understand perhaps…but that doesn’t cover the thing. Why can’t we just be who we are without strife? If we are not harming then why does it matter? I don’t know if I will ever understand. I’ve been told go to school study human’s mind…but even then..I don’t know if I’ll understand….I’ll get the why…but I don’t know if I will get why it hasn’t changed..Why those that know “better” ways of doing things don’t make it so. Why we make “dumb” laws and enforce them but don’t make ones that make us harmonies and will change the way we see the world. Why people don’t try to teach others how to love and live and accept the things in life that are “good”.